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Diploma in Hospital Management - HCU

₹ 60000.00

Academic Partner : University Of Hyderabad

Management Courses

  • Duration 12 Months
  • Modules 102



Graduate from any discipline from UGC approved University 


12 months

Course Description:

Hospital management is a field related to management, health care systems, leadership, hospital networks, and hospital administration. This course provides adequate skills and knowledge on clinical and service departmental administrative operations.

Course Objective
  • To provide conceptual understanding of Management Concepts
  • To familiarize the students with the contemporary issues in Management
  • To understand and appreciate the human behavior in organizations
  • To know the various sources of finance
  • To understand the various uses for finance and
  • To familiarize oneself with the techniques used in financial management.
Number of Semester:



Upon successful completion of assignments: Joint certificate by Hyderabad Central University and Apollo MedSkills

Course Fe

Fee for Indian Students: Rs.60000/-

NRI Fee: Rs.120000/-

Foreign Student Fee: Rs.180000/-

Job Opportunities / Field of Work:

There are sufficient opportunities and one may work in corporate, private, publicly funded or government hospitals, trust-based healthcare organizations, medical consulting firms, or even in the IT industry involved in the production of medical / healthcare unit software. .