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NCovid Clinical Management for Nurses

₹ 599.00

Courses for Nurses

  • Duration 3 Days
  • Modules 5

Management of nCOVID19 for Nurses


GNM, BSc Nursing, Post Basivc BSc Nursing, Msc Nursing, Nurses working in Hospitals, Colleges, Community centers and any other healthcare facilities etc.


92 Minutes/1.5 Hour

Course Description:

Nurses are at the core of the primary health care approach, which is a cornerstone for attaining WHO’s top priority of universal health coverage. Nurses make up at least half of the global health workforce, and are critical links between individuals, families, communities and the health system. Nurses provide support along the continuum of care, from promotion, to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation to end-of-life care, and play key roles in empowering patients, facilitating teamwork across disciplines, and providing people-centred care. Course on Management of nCOVID 19 is a comprehensive course specially designed for the Nurses to equip them with enhanced knowledge and refined skills to provide better nursing care to the nCOVID 19 patients. This training will refresh some skills and learn others that are practical and that help you in your daily work.

Course Objective:

To provide the Nurses with knowledge on latest information on nCOVID 19 and videos to polish their skills thereby, enhancing competencies in providing qualitative care to the nCOVID 19 patients.

Number of Modules:



Certified by Apollo Medskills

Course Fee:


Job Opportunities / Field of Work:

Utilize the training oppurtunities to work more efficiently and cautiously in Covid 19 wards