Advanced Certificate Program in Critical Care - HCU


Clinical Awareness


6 Months




Certificate program in Critical care curriculum is structured in three courses and each course has specific blocks, units of syllabus, combining both theory and practice elements. Course 1 - Introduction to Critical Care Unit Block 1 - Critical Care Basics Block 2 - Critical Care Environment and Unit Management Block 3 - Evidence Based Practice and Quality in Critical Care Unit Course 2 - Managing Critically ill patients - I Block 1 - Mechanical ventilation and care critical conditions related to CNS Block 2 - Critical conditions related to cardiac and respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal and endocrine systems Block 3 - Hemodynamic monitoring od critically ill patients, End of life care, Pharmacology, Pain management and Documentation in Crtiitcal care units Course 3 - Managing Critically ill patients -II Block 1 - Cardiac, Respiratory, Immunological, Hematological, Musculo skeletal emergencies , Burns and Nutrition for Crtitically ill patients Block 2 - Surgical emergencies and Management in critical care units Block 3 - Other Emergecnies and management in critical care units

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Advanced Certificate Program in Critical Care - HCU
The course is specially designed for the interested graduates from the health professionals with specific focus on skill enhancement in the critical care procedures who are actively engaged or aim to engage in health care practice and demonstrate inclination to promote their competencies in critical care and emergencies in various health care settings. The sole aim of this training program is to equip with adequate knowledge and enhance the skills for Nursing, Medicine and Allied health professionals, who are working in the field of Critical Care and Intensive Care Units so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients.

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